FEBI UIN Syahada Sematkan Gelar SE Bagi 384 Mahasiswa Melalui Yudisium Ke-1

Sunday, 29-01-2023, the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI) State Islamic University Sheikh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan held the 1st Judiciary at the Undergraduate level on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at the UIN Syahada Auditorium. The judiciary was occupied by 384 people, consisting of 175 alumni of the Sharia Banking Study Program and 209 alumni of the Sharia Economics study program. This amount is as conveyed by the head of the committee, Dr. Abdul Nasser Hasibuan, MSi who is also the deputy dean for academic affairs of FEBI.

The event began with the recitation of the holy verses of the Quran followed by the inauguration of the Bachelor of Economics (SE) degree by the Dean of FEBI Dr. Darwis Harahap, M.Si. The judiciary conducted by FEBI was attended by UIN Rector Syahada Padangsidimpuan Dr. H. Muhammad Darwis Dasopang, M.Ag, UIN Syahada leadership elements, and the FEBI UIN Syahada Padangsidimpuan academic community.

The event continued with the awarding by the Rector accompanied by the Dean and head of the Sharia Banking study program and the head of the Sharia Economics Study Program to the best judiciary, namely Ummu Salamah Pasaribu, SE, as the best judiciary of the Sharia Economics Study Program and Ferdy Kurniawan, SE, the best judiciary of the Sharia Economics Study Program.

The event was then continued with remarks from representatives from alumni delivered by Ummu Salamah Pasaribu, SE. In his remarks, Ummu expressed his gratitude to the entire Academic community of UIN Syahada, especially FEBI, who have tried to educate and guide, so as to be able to complete their undergraduates. He also advised his friends to keep the good name of our beloved alma mater. He said with teary eyes.

Then, the event continued with remarks by the dean of FEBI Dr. Darwis Harahap, MSi, in his remarks he gave encouragement and motivation to all scholars to continue to work, continue to learn and prepare everything for a better future, as the theme of the judiciary this time is “Achieving a Brilliant Future”.

At the end of the event, UIN Rector Syahada Padangsidimpuan also gave a speech. In his remarks, the Rector first thanked the FEBI academic community for their efforts in educating students so far so that today they get a Bachelor of Economics (SE) degree. The next speech, the Rector gave motivation to all scholars to prepare everything because as a scholar has a heavy burden, but must be able to face all obstacles, laying a strong foundation of worship so that you are able to complete your studies on this beloved campus. The Rector also continued that you must be a true learner and as a successor to us on this campus as some alumni have become part of the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business by mentioning one alumni after another.